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Unfortunately, these cases can be expensive to pursue because you have to file suit in the particular state where you believe the person is located against a "john doe" and then serve the internet provider with a subpoena to get the name on the owner of the IP address so you can pursue them for invasion of privacy and for damages.You can get a local attorney to do this at the same site used by other attorneys I truly aim to please you as a customer, but please keep in mind that I do not know what you already know or don't know, or with what you need help, unless you tell me.So, proceed with caution lol.)DO: Send racy photos to your significant other to remind them that you’re sexy and that you’re thinking of them.DON’T: Send racy photos to people you don’t know well enough to trust with your personal and close information.Like all "big" life decisions, the hope is that we learn something along the way, and my short time as an entrepreneur has not disappointed in that regard.There have been small lessons (like learning the hard way that it isn't clever to Skype in your skivvies). I am still asking myself why I didn't do it earlier. I can fix most things on my computer (thank you Google and the world of blogging nerds! I learned early on that to invest in a good IT support service is invaluable and pays dividends.Don't be penny wise and pound foolish When you're an entrepreneur, you look at every expenditure with a keen eye, as you should. But you can have their expertise at your fingertips by creating a good network of partners.But I found there are rabbit holes and loggerheads that can negatively impact your business performance, costing big bucks in the name of saving a few quid. Some people are big fans of freelance websites like e-lance, o Desk and others. Check references, trading history, and that their reputation is solid.

(This also a big reason why I believe that people who screenshot text message conversations are dangerously close to the scum of the dating world.

Now, if the girl is being blackmailed by anyone at all, that is illegal and needs to be reported to the police where these guys are located.

Furthermore, if you know where the person who put the video online is located (as in what state) then you have to sue him for invasion of privacy for posting the video online against her permission and get a court order that would order them to get you the name that goes with the IP address so you have the proper party to sue.

If you’re not overage, then it becomes a bit more tricky. If she doesn’t know your friends, family, etc., there’s nothing much she can do with nude photos of you.

If she does, then I’d say for you to contact the authorities, or at the very least your family.

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The modern world of work, at least for knowledge workers, allows for tremendous flexibility and virtual mobility.

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