Bungie player model not updating

Since the Halo CE game is unsupported the Hot-Fix was released as a manual update to be distributed via the Fan websites.

Being the largest and most stable, Gearbox requested that Halo Maps distribute the patch.

Keep your fingers crossed for a Friday deployment next week. Okay, so maybe I was totally wrong about this week's update. Hopefully, this Photosynth of Tempest ties you over until next week. On the playlist front, we're currently testing out some totally radar-less Arena action.

Aside from the obvious impact this will have on the playlist as a whole, it will also sound the death knell for the Active Camo Armor Ability in this particular playlist format, as there's literally no downside to getting your cloak on when radar isn't in play.

An Un-patched game will then force a download and not let you play on the internet until the update is completed.

If you have already updated your Halo CE game and installed the 1.07 Hot-fix then you can ignore the scrolling ticker message (see picture) that displays in the internet Lobby.

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