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It’s a place that people long to visit, and can’t get enough of when they do. Straight up, this is what happens when you put 1.3 million randos on an island in the middle of nowhere: they spy tirelessly on each other and ~bitch~ about it afterwards.

But how much do you know about its residents, who are essentially a bunch of people originating from a few neighboring countries thrown together*?

I've even had guys ask me, "Why should I even go out with you?

You're just temporary." Ouch, but point well-taken.

The revelation came after Anele asked her about her recent trip to Mauritius that had tweeps questioning how things would be as her baby daddy, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, was also there with his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba.

While in Mauritius, DJ Zinhle seemed to have been thinking about someone “she’s into”.

I've traveled to over 40 countries in the past 5 years, so although my long-term relationship experience is quite limited (it's almost Valentine's Day so I'd rather not dwell on that part), I still find going out with locals to be one of the most interesting parts of my experiences overseas.

However you see the relationship going, just make sure to open up this conversation as early as possible.She tweeted she was “truly blessed” and having an “amazing” time in Mauritius but would rather be at home with someone.She further tweeted: “You know you are into someone when seeing them sad makes you sad”.The place offers some of the most beautiful and serene views on the face of the earth, and has been a favorite amongst honeymooners both young as well as the young-at-heart.The perfect vista for budding romance, Mauritius has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

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