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Si RFstar: Tom Tom GO 300 - GO 300 Tom Tom GO 500 - GO 500 Tom Tom GO 520 - GO 520 Tom Tom GO 530 - GO 530 Tom Tom GO 630 - GO 630 Tom Tom GO 700 - GO 700 Tom Tom GO 7000 - GO 7000 Tom Tom GO 710 - GO 710 Tom Tom GO 715 - GO 715 Tom Tom GO 720 - GO 720 Tom Tom GO 730 - GO 730 Tom Tom GO 910 - GO 910 Tom Tom GO 920 - GO 920 Tom Tom GO 930 - GO 930 Tom Tom Go - RIDER Tom Tom Go - ONE Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v2) Tom Tom ONE - ONE Global Locate: Tom Tom GO 540 LIVE - GO 540 LIVE Tom Tom GO 740 LIVE - GO 740 LIVE Tom Tom GO 940 LIVE - GO 940 LIVE Tom Tom GO - GO 550 Tom Tom GO LIVE - GO 550 LIVE Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v3) Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v4) Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v6) Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v8) Tom Tom ONE - ONE (v7) Tom Tom GO LIVE - GO 950 LIVE Tom Tom GO LIVE - GO 750 LIVE Tom Tom ONE XL - ONE XL Tom Tom START - START Tom Tom XL IQ Routes Edition - XL IQ Routes Edition Tom Tom XL - ONE XL (v9) Tom Tom XL - XL Tom Tom XXL IQ Routes Edition - ONE XXL IQ Routes Download: Another alternative to the above:- Get Quick GPSFix-data without using Tom Tom-Home v2.05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OS : Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista (32-bit) What to do . 1) If your Tom Tom has the Global Locate chipset: -------------------------------------------- a) Copy the 3 files : Global Locate_: Global Locate_Tom : to the map ".\ephem" on your Tom Tom.

b) Run "Global Locate_Tom Tom" and test it for a few days. 2) If your Tom Tom has the Si RFStar III chipset: ------------------------------------------- a) Copy the 4 files : Si RFStar III_: Si RFStar III_: Si RFStar III_Tom : to the map ".\ephem" on your Tom Tom.

This year, when it didn't work, after 10 days of useless email suggestions, they decided that since they couldn't help me, they'd just deactivate my account. It is not possible to reactivate disabled accounts.

"Please be aware that once the deactivation has taken place, you will no longer be able to access the following: Any of the services you might have bought in the past. If you would like to register a new account in the future, please do so on our website I'm now wondering if anyone can use the discounts they send out.

Simply start the quick fix program for the download, weget must be allowed to download so set it to allow in your firwall. If "packedephemeris.ee" exist your Tom Tom has the Si RFStar III chipset.

We'll then reply with the relevant webpage of available accessories for you to browse. Further to this we are also a Tom Tom Authorised Internet Retailer.

The only current option is to download new maps or map updates from Tom Tom (see below).

If your Tom Tom GO model isn't pictured above then the Tom Tom maps we sell on SD card aren't compatible with your model.

After purchasing the TOMTOM, I tried to update the maps on the device.

For two years, I continue to get errors and cannot update the maps on my device. I HATE THE LACK OF INTUITIVENESS EXHIBITED BY THIS COMPANY! I think Tom Tom is scaling back its business - if not folding.

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