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While the gel sedative has to be prescribed by a vet, a horse owner or trainer can administer it to horses over a year of age.

But, as hoof care professionals who have used the product reported in a recent American Farriers Journal email survey maintain, that’s not always easy for owners or trainers to do.

The following dosing table may be used to determine the correct dose of DORMOSEDAN GEL (Table 1).Nobody wants to deal with problems that can result from needing to tranquilize a problem horse for routine trimming and shoeing.Yet it sometimes seems using a sedative is the only way to deal with a few horses.“There ares health-derived issues including gastric and colon ulcers, as well as renal impairment.Renal impairment is more prevalent in older horses that have developed issues with their kidney function or with equine athletes that perform strenuous exercise and divert blood flow from their kidneys.

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Detomidine hydrochloride is a white, crystalline, water-soluble substance having a molecular weight of 222.7.

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