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You know how sometimes you flip through the channels and TBS or TNT is showing a movie starring someone who used to be famous?

This account was confirmed by Cedric Bello, another contestant who was in the suite at the time.There's a widely held conviction among people who support Donald Trump for president that goes something like this: Despite some of the more wacky things he says, or a lack of specific policy proposals, they say, "He's a successful businessman." When CNN's Poppy Harlow recently talked to voters in Ohio, a swing state that's struggling economically, she heard that line "a lot." Harlow asked one woman what about Trump's career made her confident that he's a "successful businessman." "First of all, he had a television show," the woman said.She was of course talking about "The Apprentice," the NBC reality show hosted by Trump that was a giant hit when it premiered in 2004 and is still very much at the core of his appeal to his voters (though after 14 seasons, he's now off the show for good).From Buzz Feed News: Then Trump said, “Ah, she wasn’t my first pick, but she slimmed down for the show.” Trump, Connor said, then added, “Hopefully she still has those big jugglers,” referring to Jones’ breasts.“Here’s a guy who owns a billion dollar company, taking a cheap shot at her breasts.

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They flocked to “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Fit Club.” Some might be lucky enough to get a dating show of their very own. For example, who ever heard of Lauren, Heidi, Whitney or Spencer before “The Hills”?

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