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Cindy Gallop, a former BBH chair, always has advice for women making their way in the ad industry. R/GA partnered with The Muse, Ladies Get Paid, and Pay Scale to launch "Ask For a Raise" on Equal Pay Day.To access the bot on Facebook Messenger, users can search @Ask Cindy Gallop and message away.You have the priests who see the world as a place of danger and corruption ("Thai seafood is poison! Parents watch out"); the true believers ("Just do this simple trick three times a day to find joy"); the fundies who see the end times ("The mayor of this city in Canada is on the verge of declaring Sharia law. Whats App is the crazy uncle with the conspiracy theories, and Google Mail is the butler who coughs gently into a white-gloved hand when he wants your attention.RIP Canada"); and the ones who just want to belong ("Haha, thumbs-up emoji"). Mostly, I like how the app knows I am an important person with no time to spare for people, so it takes care of being nice to others for me.That’s because Hangouts is turning into a group chat system that looks a hell of a lot like Slack.Like Microsoft, Google is launching a Slackalike — and like Microsoft, it’s betting that deep integration with the rest of its office suite is going to be catnip for IT managers and cost-conscious CFOs.It's like how consent is not needed for hospitals to harvest organs - the makers of Whats App think one's privacy is like a kidney. As a rule, the smaller the chat group, the more useful. I do want some of them to come to my funeral, some day.

Text messaging on mobile is mired in inter-carrier warfare. On two of those fronts, Google has been making progress.

The makers of Whats App think one's privacy is like a kidney, says the writer - it can always be sacrificed for the greater good.

ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN The dynamics in the group are cult-like (not that I have a lot of experience in those).

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If you know anything about Google’s messaging strategy in the last few years, you know that it’s been a bit of a mess.

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The core features of Hangouts Chat play on Google’s strengths.

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