Updating report viewer 2016 problem

i had issues with a report view called in an iframe and had to mess with how i loaded the iframe but i am not doing a master page in my app.i will see if i can report and post back but it may be a few days.....Create a report and export it as "Printable View" or "Export Details" 2. Fix "Printable View" file access errors Even with Microsoft's latest Office software patch, files exported via "Printable View" still generate the error. The only current workaround is export via "Export Details" and use the solutions or workarounds offered for that export method in this article. So can you share the correct Username and password to validate the mentioned issue at our end.We have also checked your sample in which the Web API Routing is not registered properly in your application.So, please ensure Web API Routing is registered properly in (App_Start/Web APi Config or Global.asax) file as shown in the below code example.

Sample WSUS 2016 report (Apologies for the format of the image--with pages going left-to-right, top-to-bottom--but I can't post more than 2 links as a site newbie.) Can anyone suggest a solution to this?On July 12th, 2016, Microsoft released a security update for Office which caused files downloaded from several websites (including Salesforce) to generate errors when opened. Impact to Salesforce files Salesforce files downloaded via "Printable View" and "Export Details" generate a "file is corrupt and cannot be opened" error when opened. So we shared the shared the sample link without Report Viewer control in previous update.Report Viewer 2016 control update available as on today November 30, includes resource files for 14 supported languages and more.

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We have modified and tested the application and the Report Viewer control is rendered as excepted as shown in the following screenshot.

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